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Our Wedding Bowls are each handmade from long lasting stoneware clay. They are hand lettered with the phrase of your choice, the couples first names and their wedding date.

Great for anniversaries too!

Many people panicked at the thought of not being able to get a wedding bowl. Fear not! My former assistant Vanessa is taking over the production of our designs and will be creating new work as well. Her information is Voltage Studio www.voltage-studio.com and vanessa@voltage-studio.com 616-322-1850.

1. Two are better than one alone for if they fall one can lift up the other.

2. This is our/my wish for you: love, health, wealth and the time to enjoy them.

3. Two hearts pledge one love, two lives join in one dream for the future.

4. I am my beloved's and me beloved is mine.

5. Love always, Laugh often, Forgive quickly, Share Joy, Dream together.

1. Select phrase.

2. Select pattern (Traditional, Colorblock, Lakeshore, Rose, Leaf).

3. Select color within pattern you have chosen.

4. Visit voltage-studio.com to place your order

Is it past your wedding date?
Download a card you can enclose in your wedding card
with all the details about your special gift!



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